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  • Purchased 30,000 units of instant soup for starving Ukrainian refugees (instant soup is highly practical as it only requires boiling water, is nutritious, and is easily shareable)

  • Purchased 15 power generation units (much of the Ukraine is without power, so for example, boil water to sterilize milk for babies is not possible)

  • Bought and delivered blankets (the weather at present can get as low as minus 10 degrees)

  • Created and fitted out a refugee shelter for 19 women and 17 children

  • Facilitated the registration of refugees into into the Polish system to permit children to go to school, to get medical attention at Polish hospitals, employ women etc




Poland has taken in 2.1 million refugees in the last 24 days- and this inflow is continuing.The logistics of this is enormous and extremely challenging, however Rotary's extensive network and propensity for making a "hands-on" impact means we are ideally placed to make a difference.


We are seeking donations to support Poland District 2231 and RC Warszawa City with their direct response and humanitarian aid in the three areas below. See HERE for the recording of our conference call with the Project Team in Poland.

1. Fitting out a new refugee centre near Piaseczno (south of Warsaw) to accommodate 300 refugees

2. Procurement of food, bedding, medicine, dry goods, and equipment

3. Purchase and fit out of Ambulances for Ukrainian hospitals

Previous initiatives by the Project team


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