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The Wayside Chapel Project

As most members would be aware, our club played an instrumental role in the establishment of ‘The Wayside’, as it is more commonly known, in the mid-1960s and has supported it ever since. Not surprisingly, The Wayside’s activities are affected by the Coronavirus Crisis, especially the social distancing requirements which preclude the social interaction that is such an important part of The Wayside’s work.

Community Service Directors Daile Falconer and Warwick Nelson have been in contact with Rev Jon Owen, The Wayside’s Pastor and CEO, and his team to determine what assistance we might be able to provide. With the change of seasons and advent of colder weather, it was decided that warm clothing and clean underwear would be most beneficial to those of The Wayside’s flock who lack adequate permanent accommodation or shelter

From a budget of $1,500 approved by the Board, they have sourced 60 quality fleecy-lined ‘hoodies’ in a range of sizes, and a quantity of underwear. The ‘hoodies’ are currently being embossed with our club’s logo, as shown in the photo below, and will be presented to Rev Owens with the underwear, when complete.

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