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Past Projects

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Kenyan Patient Transport Vehicle at Ndalu Health Centre

Kings Cross Rotary gifted the Ndalu Locality of Kenya with a patient vehicle. The vehicle was delivered on 17th Oct 2020. The vehicle inspection was done by Ndalu Health Center (Bungoma County Government was involved).  The Car Engine is in very good condition for the future of mobilising the health of the local community   


Coffee Machine Project for the Prince of Wales Hospital


Kings Cross Rotary responded to a request from the medical and
nursing staff in the Intensive Care Unit at the Prince of Wales Hospital for a good coffee machine. The ICU was being expanded and preparing for an anticipated major influx of seriously ill Coronavirus patients that would necessitate the total isolation of healthcare staff within the confines of the Unit for the duration of their 12-hour shifts. They felt the availability of good coffee inside the Unit would be a most welcome respite from the normal instant coffee supply.


The Wayside Chapel Project

As most members would be aware, our club played an instrumental role in the establishment of ‘The Wayside’, as it is more commonly known, in the mid-1960s and has supported it ever since. Not surprisingly, The Wayside’s activities are affected by the Coronavirus Crisis, especially the social distancing requirements which preclude the social interaction that is such an important part of The Wayside’s work.

Community Service Directors Daile Falconer and Warwick Nelson have been in contact with Rev Jon Owen, The Wayside’s Pastor and CEO, and his team to determine what assistance we might be able to provide. With the change of seasons and advent of colder weather, it was decided that warm clothing and clean underwear would be most beneficial to those of The Wayside’s flock who lack adequate permanent accommodation or shelter

From a budget of $1,500 approved by the Board, they have sourced 60 quality fleecy-lined ‘hoodies’ in a range of sizes, and a quantity of underwear. The ‘hoodies’ are currently being embossed with our club’s logo, as shown in the photo below, and will be presented to Rev Owens with the underwear, when complete.

Dog House

Paws and Recover Pet Respite Program

Paws and Recover Pet Respite Program is another amazing community service that we have supported in the past and are helping through the Coronavirus Crisis as it deals with an unprecedented number of cases. It is managed by club member and Kings Cross Police officer Jackie Largo.

When the Board became aware that Jacki and her volunteers were battling to cope with more than 40 pets requiring fostering, food and veterinary care it approached her to see what assistance the club could give. It is also aware from previous experience that there are a substantial number of elderly, less mobile and socially dysfunctional residents of the area for whom pets and companion animals mean almost everything.

The Board has allocated $1,500 to the program and is helping source pet food, especially cat food which is in short supply, and offset veterinary costs. It is important to report that Dr Miriam Meek of the Potts Point Veterinary Hospital is providing Jacki with heavily discounted fees, which makes our money go a lot further.


St John’s Church Community Services

At the on-line membership meeting on 18 May, we heard from Jen Webster, Fundraising & Community Engagement Manager for St John's Community Services, who briefed us on the problems facing their two major programs, as a consequence of the COVID-19 Crisis.

The  Rough  Edges  Café,  which provides hot meals for up to  100  homeless and needy persons nightly from its premises in  Victoria Street, had had to cease this service due to social distancing requirements.  In its place,  it was issuing  ‘Tomorrow  Care  Packs’ containing a  basic quantity of non-perishable food to its patrons,  to help them get by. They had enough packs to last until 10 June but would need assistance after that.

Thanks to a  monumental effort by  Director  Warwick  Nelson,  and a  budget of  $2,000 approved by the  Board,  a  supply of  200  emergency hampers has been obtained from Foodbank,  the biggest supplier of food to charities in  Australia.  At a  cost of  $10,  each pack contains  $80  worth of quality non-perishable food sufficient to last for a  week. Foodbank will be underwriting the cost differential.

Its other major community service is  Banksia  Women which provides a  safe space for women and children suffering domestic violence.  Members will recall that it was the main beneficiary of the funds we raised at our  Dog  Event fundraiser late last year.  Not surprisingly it is similarly affected by the social distancing requirements and we are liaising with  Jen to determine what further assistance we might provide when the situation normalises.

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